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Welcome to Ram Handassa website

Our new website is designed to provide you with a maximum of information concerning projects, integration of technologies and project management in the fields of infrastructure, civil construction, urban infrastructure works, and erection of large-scale engineering projects.


Company Highlights

Ram Handasa is under the management of Yossi Melamed, a civil engineer with over 30 years of experience. Our management staff includes a team of professional project managers, engineers, site managers and certified supervisors. We also work with various sub-contractors of different fields. We hold a wealth of experience in executing complex and specialzed civil engineering works on a large scale.

Areas of Operation
Ram handasa engages in all fields of construction. The following are our major areas of operations:
Purification facilities
Water reservoirs
Underground passages
Public buildings and offices
Residential construction
Steel building construction
Pier and breakwater construction
Ram Handasa works all over Israel, our primary operations are implementing projects for the public sector. For instance: Israel Railway, Israel Ports, The israel Electric Co, Municipalities ect.
Our main offices are located in Azur, Israel.








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